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Do you need cable repair?

Did you try to open your garage door and then you saw that the cables alongside are hanging out. In such a scenario, it’s quite possible that the cable is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired.

So what exactly is the cable? Cable is a thick and heavy metal made component of a garage door which supports the torsion springs behind the garage doors. They are wound around another component in the garage door called the drum which then enables the garage door to open and close numerous times.

It is quite important that any time an issue with the cable happens, it should be rectified or resolved on an immediate basis to contain the issue from spreading. When no action is taken to repair the damaged cable, it can be a reason for undue accidents to happen. It can also lead to affecting other components of the garage door, thereby spreading the malfunctioning across various parts.

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When you call us, rest assured that you will receive the best deals that we offer. We always earn the trust of our target market. We always provide an estimate and an agreement before the work starts. Once we completed the job, we will show you with confidence that your garage door is already fixed.

We are a company synonymous to excellent service. Our technicians are all trained and certified in this kind of industry. We also undergo training to continuously deliver responsive and relevant services. We also successfully repair numerous garage doors each day. Our expertise plus our experience has made us your ideal Garage Door Provider.


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Contracting a local trusted garage door services company is the best way to ensure that all your cable repair services are met timely. We have been dedicated to providing cable repair and all other related garage door services and have been serving the Chicago area for more than 15 years.

Our professional and reliable technicians will assist you in strengthening the safety of your garage door and all related services by providing 24 hours round the clock service. Your wish is our command and we strive to fulfill that endeavor by assisting you in all your garage needs and services.

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David Hughes

I had trouble locking my garage door opener. I called EK Garage Doors, and their technicians dealt came and installed a new one professionally within one hour. Their service is highly recommended.

Daniel Don

My garage door off-track was giving screechy sound when it was moving. I called EK Garage Doors, and their technician was here in next hour. They resolved my problem with ease and precision. Thanks for your service.


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